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What We Read This Week – September 13, 2013

Karen Johnson 09.13.13 amstelpause what we read

Our weekly rundown of design, marketing, PR, and strategy articles that perked our interest Vending machine offers beer only to users who do nothing Three minutes to relax and contemplate (and I might add, anticipate). Amstel’s Pause campaign attempts to lure us into switching off the stress of today’s modern world. Perhaps a gift more valuable than a cold beer. Or at least it’s a close second. Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director Instagram Will Begin Showing Ads As many predicted, with the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, the young yet extremely popular app is now […]

Cool campaign: Rom chocolate bars

COHN 06.22.11 creative

We’re seeing a lot of really neat marketing campaigns these days geared at ramping up sales in the short term. The power of social media allows contests, promotions and strange and interesting campaigns to go viral very quickly, and that sort of immediacy can produce some fascinating short-term results. One such example is the recent Kandia Dulce Rom campaign, which I learned about on Those of you who are case study junkies probably already know about this intriguing campaign, but I wanted to share it on BrandStand because it was very risky and very successful […]