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Cadbury’s Wedding Proposal Failure – Genius or Dumb?

Allyse Sanchez 08.29.13 cadbury1 digital

A few days ago I noticed a wedding proposal video that had gone viral on my Facebook newsfeed. I finally caved and watched the video to see what all the hype was about.  I started to question the authenticity at about 30 seconds. After the train runs through the middle, I knew, it was fake. I sent it to my boyfriend to see what he thought, and his reaction was the same. So, I did a little digging to see if anyone had reported on the viral video and sure enough, Yahoo! Singapore stated it […]

Is mobile a David to digital Goliaths?

Tina Edwards 06.19.13 Is mobile a David to digital Goliaths digital

We’ve been hearing it for months, if not years: Mobile is where it’s at. Everywhere you turn, marketing experts and digital savants are warning us that if we don’t include a mobile piece, and do it well, we’ll be dead in the water. That’s most definitely true. But in this new and sometimes scary world of multiple devices and screen sizes, it’s always comforting to know the big guys are just as perplexed as we are. Facebook has been struggling with the mobile requirement for a couple of years now. From bad user experiences to […]

7 Things Marketers and Brands Should Know About iOS 7

Michael Barber 06.13.13 iOS7 for Marketers digital

If you’re a digital nerd like we all are at COHN , you’ve probably read the countless articles or blog posts about Apple’s announcements from earlier this week. If you haven’t, Macworld has a good run down here. The biggest announcement was certainly the newest iteration of iOS, dubbed iOS 7. Let’s get past the hype, the naysayers, the Apple fanboys, and talk about how the new iOS will affect marketers and your brands. 1. Built-in QR Code Scanner… …in Passbook. Sorry to burst your QR code loving hearts. However, marketers and brands will apparently […]

The Responsive Bandwagon: Are you on it?

Cindy Gamel 05.15.13 Responsive Websites digital

“Responsive” has become a bigger buzzword than CSS was 10 years ago or HTML5 was just a couple years ago. My mother can probably tell you about responsive web sites at this point. Now, I’m no hipster – just because something is extremely popular doesn’t mean I don’t like it or that it isn’t valid. Responsive design is extremely important and should be utilized often. My opinion is simply that it isn’t necessary for every single web project. Here’s why: Unless you are a designer, developer or marketing agency, your target audience doesn’t care if […]

Nut Free Chocolaty Goodness has a New Home Online

Tina Edwards 12.17.12 Sun Cups Website digital

When COHN was tasked with developing a new and fun-loving brand for Sun Cups, we could not have been more excited. We’re just big kids at heart, so we jumped at the chance to work on the delicious chocolate candy. Of course, that meant our team required many, many free samples to fully understand what made this confection tick. What we found was more than we could have ever imagined. Filled with sunflower butter, caramel, or mint, Sun Cups tasted like a little piece of childhood. On top of that, Sun Cups is 100% gluten and nut free, […]

Rethinking a Dallas Icon’s Digital Presence

Tina Edwards 12.12.12 galleria-dallas-website-devices creative

It is not very often that you get the chance to reinvigorate one of America’s most well known shopping center’s website. Our team is jazzed to announce the new digital presence  for Galleria Dallas. This is one piece of many in a multi-stage effort to build upon Galleria Dallas’ new brand strategy, which COHN developed earlier this year. The center, which has over 1.7 million square feet of retail space, is well known to Dallas residents and the international community alike for its ice rink and 200+ stores and restaurants. It has played host to […]

COHN Develops WISHBOARD, A Fan-Generated Social Gift Guide for The Holidays

Lisa Wieting 12.10.12 Metropolis at Metrotown Wishboard Contest creative

Kids have the Toys R Us holiday gift guide. Wishful thinkers have the Neiman Marcus fantasy gift guide. Magazines across the country pull together gift ideas from celebrities, stylists and editors. COHN decided to take a different approach and create a social gift guide utilizing Pinterest and turning to Facebook fans to build a real-time, ever-changing, fan-generated compilation of gift ideas. WISHBOARD was created for Metropolis at Metrotown, a Vancouver-based shopping center owned and operated by Canadian developer Ivanhoe Cambridge. The concept: Facebook fans can create holiday wish boards on Pinterest and enter their finished […]

COHN Creates a Winter Wonderland in Puerto Rico

Tina Edwards 12.07.12 Nieve Isla Homepage creative

As you may know, Puerto Rico doesn’t see a lot of snow around the holidays. In fact, 70 degrees is considered a “cold front.” So the idea of creating a winter wonderland to bring the holiday spirit to the island seemed far-fetched. But, the COHN team wouldn’t let a little thing like a sweltering tropical climate stand in the way of developing an interactive, winter-themed promotion for our client’s (DDR) Puerto Rico-based shopping centers, Centros Isla. Playing off the Isla brand, we created Nieve Isla, a virtual snowball fight that allows online participants in the […]

5 Digital Stories We Read Last Week

Michael Barber 10.08.12 digital-stories-oct-8 digital

Each week our digital team combs the interwebs for great stories that our team and clients can benefit from. Here are the five from last week. Fidelity Investments’ Marketing Leads with Digital Fidelity’s CMO discusses the shift of leading with digital in their marketing campaigns, as well as the importance of maintaing marketing pressure in a down economy. I found the hidden gems on the value of content marketing and thought leadership even better. The Incredible Shrinking Organic Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Quick and dirty slideshow explaining the shrinking numbers on organic search […]

Praise the Digital Gods, Google Has Finally Created Tag Manager

Michael Barber 10.02.12 google-tag-manager digital

When Google unwrapped their latest tool dubbed Tag Manager on Monday, I think all digital marketers looked up and thought “Thanks, Google.” Our Digital Project Manager, Tina Edwards, might have even said that she “plotzed” when she heard the news. I’m not quite sure what that means, but obviously she is very excited and here is why. For years, us digital marketers have had to deal with tag, upon tag, upon tag for running and tracking various different media campaigns, especially when we didn’t have the luxury of ad management platforms to leverage. That all […]

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