Doppelgänger. Dopple what? Doppelgänger – it’s a German term for your look-alike. It’s also the biggest trend on Facebook. Sharing your bra color for Breast Cancer Awareness? That was so two weeks ago. And next week? It’ll be your Urban Dictionary name.

What is with these massively viral Facebook crazes? Suddenly, Facebook is the new Twitter – a trending topic on Twitter will now spread just as easily through Facebook statuses. Why? It’s shining light on the fact that Facebook now has more than 350 million users, and that of those 350 million, more than 35 million users update their status each day.

Since today is Thursday, it’s technically still Doppelgänger week. So, here are some of our in-house celebrities. Who knew we had Topanga and Cate Blanchett on our PR team?

Debbie as Little Debbie          Staci as Katie Couric           Kate as Cate Blanchett

Lisa as Topanga                     Aubryn as Kate Moss         Melissa as Rachel Hunter

Andrea as Courtney Cox      Brittney as Sarah Jessica Parker

We took an internal poll, and the winner for best resemblance goes to… Lisa!